Thursday, August 16, 2012

Margaret Donnelly no. 2

Our second Margaret Donnelly, aka Maggie, was the niece of Margaret no. 1.  Maggie was the daughter of James Donley (the oldest of Patrick and Nancy's sons, the only one born in Ireland) and Mary Buchannan.  I don't know alot about this family.  James and Mary were married in the early 1850s.  Maggie was born in 1856 in Fort Covington, about 40 miles east of Waddington (where our Donnelly family first settled) along the St. Lawrence river.  It could be that James and Mary lived in Fort Covington, or that Mary was from there and she had the baby in her parents' home.  In 1860 they were living in the village of Waddington.  In 1868, when Maggie was 12 years old, they sold their home and moved to Burlington, Vermont, where they remained.  What little I know about Maggie is that in 1880 she was selling or making hats, that in 1899 she died of heart disease, and that as far as I can tell, she never married.  She is probably buried in Burlington in a family plot.

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