Monday, April 1, 2013

Buchanans in Fort Covington

A previous post was about one of the Margaret Donnellys in our tree, a daughter of James and Mary A. Donnelly, originally in Waddington, New York, but then longtime residents of Burlington, Vermont.  Margaret's mother was Mary Buchanan, born in Fort Covington, Franklin co., New York.  I believe I found her family in the 1850 census in Fort Covington.  Her parents, John and Margaret, were both born in Ireland in about 1795.  From census and cemetery records, I've put a very sketchy story together until I can find more information.  Buchanan is a Scottish name, and almost all Buchanan's lived in northern Ireland, according to Matheson's surname study.  I believe I found John Buchanan buried in the Protestant Community Cemetery in Fort Covington, so the family was likely Episcopalian or Presbyterian.  It appears there were two sons born in the early '20s, and there may have been others that had moved out before I found the family in census records.  These children would have been born in Ireland or Canada. A daughter, Margaret, was born in New Brunswick in 1826, which may have been while the family was en route from Ireland to the United States.  The next child I know of, James, was born in New York in 1830.  Another son was born in the early 1830s, followed my Mary Buchanan (eventually Donnelly) in 1834.  Since Mary and James' daughters did not marry, and had no children, we are not directly related to anyone in this branch of the family.