Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Daniel Hawes & Charlotte Chappell, Monroe co., NY 1840-1912

Daniel Hawes was born in Westchester county, just north of New York City, in about 1815. Charlotte Chappel was born in "Rochesterville" (now Rochester) in about 1816. They married, probably in the Rochester area, probably in the mid 1830s. They had nine children: one unknown daughter (b. late '30s), Mary, George, Jennie, Frank, Mattie, Nettie, William, and Hattie (b. 1863). Prior to the Civil War, Daniel was a day laborer. Afterward, he was a farmer and a cooper. I know that he served in Company D of the 89th Volunteer Regiment beginning in 1861, but not how long he served or where he may have fought. He suffered an injury for which he, then Charlotte after his death, received a pension. He died in 1885 and is buried in Bushman cemetery in Henrietta. Only 19 year old William was still living at home in 1880, so the kids were pretty much grown and living elsewhere by time of Daniel's death.

I have not found much information on Daniel's Hawes family or Charlotte's Chapell family. I've tracked down some of the kids. (1) George was an out-of-work carpenter living at mom's in 1900. He may have been in the county "Alms Home" in 1910. (2) Jennie married William Weeks, a farmer, in about 1880 and raised two step-children. After William's death in 1892, she lived with Edith, who married in 1901, probably until her death in the 1930s. (3) Frank began waiting tables, then acquired or opened a series of hotels that he operated with his wife, Elizabeth. They married in about 1879, lived and worked in Rochester until the 1890s, then moved to nearby Buffalo, where Frank worked as a real estate dealer in 1900. By 1910, he was retired, and by 1920 he and Elizabeth had moved to Los Angeles. She passed away there in 1926. I lost track of Frank. (4) Mattie married Charlie Hinman, a carpenter, in 1873 in Michigan. (5) Nettie married John Pyne, a mason from adjacent Orleans county, in about 1885. John (Jack?) went to San Francisco after the 1906 earthquake where there was plenty of work for a mason. Nettie followed with the kids a few years later and opened a boarding house. She passed away in there 1937. Nettie is our ancestor (6) Hattie stayed with her mom until Charlotte's death in 1912, then allegedly moved to San Francisco. She passed away there in 1939 and is buried next to Nettie.

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