Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Family Artifacts?

Any family artifact or heirloom?

Artifacts or heirlooms?  Hmmm.  The closest we have would be some old photographs, but there aren't many of those.  Does your mom have a copy of the slide show that was shown at the Cushing reunion in 2006?  I could probably post those on line for you to look at.  I might be able to put them on a CD for you, but I'm very busy getting ready for a trip, so I can't promise that very soon.  Maybe one of your cousins or aunts.  I had hoped to find other Cushing families with heirlooms when I created a Cushing web site about 10 years ago.  Although I did meet many Cushings that we are related to, it turns out that our branch of the family is the only one that knew about the whole family and how they came from Galbally.

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