Friday, March 16, 2012

The Beauty of Blogs ...

My genealogy has always progressed in spurts of activity here and there.  There's always more to uncover, and most of us just don't have the time to devote to the research.  Then I'll stumble across a name somewhere, check my family tree, look for a little information in my favorite Internet spots or library databases, add a family or two to my tree, and move on.  Usually, I raise more questions than I answer, then put all my notes in a file for later reference.  Or I learn interesting things about a family that's not in my direct line of ancestors, so is beyond the scope of what I intend doing with my family history web page, so put all my notes away in a file.  The problem for genealogists is always how do I get so much information out where people can see it?  So the beauty of blogs is that now I can make my notes here to share, to remember later, maybe someday to add to my history.   But most of this information will probably just stay here.  Out where others can learn from it, instead of in my filing cabinet.  Maybe I'll get lucky and connect with someone who can help move my research back to the other side of the ocean.

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